How It Works

Userful turns a standard PC into a flexible and powerful video wall controller that delivers visually stunning
displays over the network with unparalleled simplicity and ease, at an affordable price. With Userful you can:

Deliver any layout including one of a kind artistic or mosaic-style video walls
With up to 6k source content in real time on up to 60 displays per video wall
All easily managed from a browser or smart phone
Using virtually unlimited simultaneous internal and external content sources
...on preset zones across a single video wall
...or onto a mix of video walls and digital signs


Industry Standard Hardware

Userful Network Video Wall uses standard, off-the-shelf server or PC hardware and network zero client devices connected over a standard gigabit Ethernet network. Single install setup turns a standard Intel Core i7 PC into a browser-managed video wall controller.


Network Delivered

Network architecture eliminates clunky video cards or specialized interconnects and cable extensions. The same server that supports the video wall can support other digital signs, interactive displays and desktops including signage replication for the same content stream synched across multiple displays or video walls. Install an optional failover server to ensure continuous system availability.


Artistic & Grid Configurations

Arrange video walls in standard grid or artistic formats. Rotate individual displays to any angle to create a unique video wall. Add virtually unlimited content inputs from just about any source: Local CMS player, Live TV, RTSP, RDP, VNC, an interactive desktop or full screen browser or just about any content using one or more HDMI or SDI capture cards.


Configuration Flexibility

Pre-set zone support allows for the display of simultaneous content streams on specified displays within the video wall which can be changed on the fly as needed