Professional spot, Superior Zoom Optics, Silent operation

The LumiOS® STEALTH 250™ is a 200-watt LED |Beam|Spot|Wash|

This feature-packed moving head boasts a great amount of power and versatility. a motorized focus for projecting crisp, rotating gobos from most distances. Its smooth linear zoom can go from 27° at its widest down to 7° to produce a piercing beam that can be trimmed with its ultra-fast stepless iris for really sharp output customize the show.

200w White LED / 50,000 Hours Life Expectancy
Dual 10 Fixed and 7 Rotation gobo Wheels
4-Facet Circular Prism / 10 Dichtroic Colors
Motorized Zoom 7°- 27° Spot Angle
22 lb / 9.5”L x 9.5” W x 14.5 ”H
Available in Black and also White color

Beam Aperture: 4,5°
Optic Efficiency: 85%
PMMA Optics High-Efficiency 67 mm PMMA Optics
Light Source
LED Sources 25 Multi-Chip 15 Watt LED Sources
Light Output: Up to 10,625 Lumen
Luminous Intensity: 1,115,500 CD
Rated Sources Life: Up to 50,000 Hours
Note: Flicker Free Sources Management
Suitable for TV Applications & All Video Recorded Events
Pan & Tilt Continuous PAN and TILT Rotation
PAN & TILT Automatic Repositioning
Positioning: Extremely Accurate Positioning
Moving-Head Operations: Moving-Head Operated via Either 8 or 16 Bit Resolution
Step Motors: High-resolution stepper motors operated via microprocessors ensure extreme accuracy & smooth movements.
Colors: Sophisticated 4 Colours RGBW Mixed
Reaching High Colour Rendering Index
Light Beam: Uniform Light Beam w/ No Colour Shadows
Rich Saturated & Pastel Colour-Hues
Resolution: 4.29 Billion Colours (8 Bit Resolution)
Color Wheel: Virtual Colour Wheel
Including most usuals White Colour Temperature Presets
Colour Macro: Dynamic colour macro effect with variable speed
Dimmer & Strobe
Electronic Dimmer: Electronic Dimmer
Allowing perfect light adjustment from 0 to 100% without Colour Variation
Strobe Color Effects: White or colour strobe effect
w/ Speed Adjustment from 1 to 25 Flashes Per Second
Software Facilities
Local DMX: Local DMX Addressing of the Luminaire
Optional Parameters through its Built-In LCD Panel Control
Remote DMX: Remote DMX addressing of the luminaire and its optional parameters through a standard RDM DMX controller
Pattern Effects: Built-in pattern effects w/ Speed & Fade Controls for Scenic Applications
Information Menu: Information Menu Including Hour Counter
Software Version
Hardware Facilities
Graphic LCD Display: Graphic LCD Display for Addressing & Special Functions Settings
w/ Flip Function
Menu Buttons: 6 Menu Buttons to Set the Functions
Temperature Protection: Over Temperature Protection
RDM Receiver: Integrated LumenRadioTM’s wireless CRMX RDM Receiver
Pin Connectors: XLR 5 Pin Male & Female Connectors for DMX Connection
In / Out Connectors: Ethercon RJ45 IN / OUT Connectors for ArtNet & sACN Connection
Power Connection: PowerCON TRUE1 Male & Female Connectors for Power Connection
DMX Protocol: DMX 512 Protocol Through DMX Cable or Wireless System
DMX Compatible: DMX-RDM Compatible
Modes: Stand-Alone Mode & Master / Slave Modes
Control Panel: Local Control Panel
w/ LCD Display
Protocol: ArtNet & sACN Protocol Through Ethernet Cable
DMX Modes: Choice of 3 DMX Modes (From 18 to 116 DMX Channels)
Power Supply
Electronic Supply: Electronic Supply w/ Active PFC
Voltage: 110 to 240 Volts – 50/60Hz
Power 430 Watt Max
Cooling System
Speed Fans: Self Adjusting Variable Speed Fans for Quiet Operation (Auto Mode)
Ventilation Modes: Selectable Auto
Stage & Studio Ventilation Modes
Safety Protection: Safety Protection Against Temperatures Excesses
Housing: Moving-head skeleton made of Aluminium & Steel Metal Plates
Heatsinks: Heatsinks in Aluminium
Satin finish
Covers: Moulded covers in self-extinguishing fire retardant ABS PC (V0 class)
Transportation: Two Side Handles for Transportation
Feet: Four Strong Wide Feet for Better Stability
Protection Rating: IP20 Protection Rating
Exterior: Exterior Finish:
Black (Carbon)
Fastening Bracket Systems: Two Omega ¼ Turn Brackets designed for use w/ Standard Clamps
Mounting Points: Four ¼ Turn Locking Fittings allowing installation of Omega Brackets on Projector
Safety Protection: Safety Protection Against Temperatures Excesses
Safety Cable Safety Cable Attachment Point
Operating Parameters
Operating Positions: All (Device on Floor or Fixed to a Support)
Maximum Permitted Ambient Temperature (Ta max): 45°C (113°F)
Minimum Permitted Ambient Temperature (Ta min): -10°C (14°F)
Minimum Usage Distance: 0.2 m (8 Inches)
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