System Controller & Amplifier, Full 4X4 Matrix

96 Factory + 32 Free Open Presets Available

V4.25DSP system amplifier is suited to power and control all the range of Verity Audio speakers,
from iFIX8 to SUB121 and IWAC. The 4×4 Matrix enables the usage of the amplifier in all possible
configuration. One amplifier for all the speakers and system combinations.

4x2500W RMS / 2 ohms (EIA standard) Dual Switch Mode Power Supply with active PFC Independent
auxiliary power supply for preamp and DSP 95% efficient 4th generation Class D output stage stable
under any load (down to 0.5 ohm, current limited) differential post filter feedback topology digital Smart
Overheat Management 64-bit floating point DSP with 120dB converters Digital Dynamic Limiters based
on real time monitoring Comprehensive set of digital processing (IIR + FIR) 96 memory factory presets for
Verity Audio speakers 32 memory editable user presets TCP/IP Ethernet network with Windows control
software Touring grade 2U 19” rack aluminum chassis

Power supply Dual half resonant SMPS with active PFC
(EE65 cores, total output of 8kW continuous)
+ independent auxiliary PSU for preamp DSP
Output stage 4th generation Class D with differential post filter feedback 300kHz PWM carrier
RMS Output Power
1kHz, 1% THD, EIA standard
4 x 2500W RMS / 2 ohms
4 x 2200W RMS / 4 ohms
4 x 1300W RMS / 8 ohms
RMS Output Power
50Hz, 0.5% THD, long term sinewave EIC standard
4 x 2000W RMS / 2 ohms
4 x 2000W RMS / 4 ohms
4 x 1200W RMS / 8 ohms
PMPO nonsense marketing burst Output Power
To compare with other switching amps !
4 x 3200W RMS / 2 ohms
4 x 2800W RMS / 4 ohms
4 x 1600W RMS / 8 ohms
Maximum output voltage swing 113V RMS
160V Peak
Typical THD
(half power, 1kHz, 8 ohms)
Frequency response Amplifier section only: 5~30,000Hz (-1dB)
With DSP: 10~20,000Hz (-1dB)
Signal to noise ratio Amplifier section only: 108dB(A)
With DSP: 105dB(A)
Nominal Voltage gain / Nominal Sensitivity x40 (32dB)
2.46V (+10dBu)
Protections Short-circuit, Over and under-voltage
Over-current, over-load, temperature
Maximum input +22dBu
Cooling 2pcs long life SUNON® MagLev fans, 80mm, 37CFM, 30dB
Input connectors 4 Balanced NEUTRIK® XLR IN + 4 XLR OUT LINK
Output connectors 4 NEUTRIK® SPEAKON NL4MP
Mains / Network connector NEUTRIK® PowerCON 20A
Operating Voltage 190~260V AC
Size (WxHxD) 483 x 88 x 520 mm
Weight 12kg net, 14kg gross
Manuals / Guides / Diagrams File Size
Spec Sheet V4.25DSP_SS 0 K
Quickstart Guide V4.25DSP_QSG 0 K
Zoomable Drawing V4.25DSP_ZD 0 K
Revit V4.25DSP_REVIT 0 K

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