How to hang lighting truss from ceiling

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October 2, 2020

We’ve decided to share our knowledge on how to hang lighting truss.

2020 has been a challenging year for the AV industry. While concerts and festivals are being canceled, we are looking to permanent locations that are quickly converted to “Insta” broadcasting studios. You could see them everywhere, your local church and in the boardroom. This post will break down the fundamentals of how to hang lighting truss. The rigging that is recommended and accessories you could use for hanging a lighting truss from a ceiling.

We think it would be wise to start by dividing the task of how to hang lighting truss, with a few questions to ask yourself.

Whats my pick point ? When we say “pick point” we mean that you need to first look up and see whats the structure you want to hang your lighting truss on. Is the structure made of steel, are you in a commercial unit? Or do you need to drill studs into concrete and create a pick point. These variants will have an effect on how much weight you should put on your truss.

What am I planning on hanging on the truss ? Whether its Led stage lights , professional speakers or LED video wall panels. You will need to calculate the max weight you’re planning to hang on the lighting truss. Lighting truss has deflection charts that are certified by TUV. These charts adhere to specific trusses and manufacturers and tell you how many points you would need to hang your lighting truss off of , based on the model of lighting truss you’ve purchased and weight planned to be hung off it.

Here’s an example of a deflection chart for GTR Truss G34P series of conical lighting truss

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