How to build a wall for a trade show booth with trade show trusses

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October 4, 2020

Trade show booths come in all shapes and sizes, which materials are available for you to build a trade show booth with. What are some appealing features of trade show trusses to get people to stop at your booth.

While writing this article in January 2021, I keep thinking how the world of trade shows would look in the future. Trade show booths were a hot topic before the cancelation of all trade shows in 2020. And while I am very optimistic that we will get back to how it used to be, it would probably take a while until that happens. Meanwhile we can use this pause in time to learn different designs. So we can use this knowledge to better our presentation when it comes time.

Trade show trusses

I always prefer to use aluminum lighting truss to create the foundation of my trade show booth. Trade show trusses come in different shapes, lengths and sizes. They all have a few things in common.

You will find they are very light weighted to transport. As you assemble them you will gain the flexibility of various sizes and shapes. And very importantly while you use them your aluminum trade show trusses will draw the attention of the spectator, making your trade show booth look big robust and shiny.

A super important advantage of aluminum lighting truss, is the weight capacity over distance that the structure can carry.

The structural character of the truss makes it the perfect stuff to build your trade show booth with. Whether your booth is 10ft x 10 ft , 20 ft x 20 ft or even massive 40ft x 40ft , you will find that the loading capacity for you to hang your exhibits is bigger than any other solution.

Aluminum lighting truss comes in different configurations below is a few different types, and my experience with them.

Conical truss

Conical truss is a system of aluminum lighting truss that connects to one another without any external accessories. This truss comes with conical and pins, has the best horizontal weight distribution and is very easy to assemble.

GTR Truss Aluminum conical dock system
Conical Aluminum lighting truss horizontal weight distribution

Bolt Truss

Bolt lighting truss uses a bolt and nut system to connect between the trusses. This lighting truss system is a little more cost effective. Bolt lighting truss requires tools like ratchets and keys to assemble it takes a little longer as well as many little pieces that can go missing.

aluminum lighting truss for trade show booth
Bolt square lighting truss

Aluminum lighting truss shapes for trade show booths

I Beam Truss

The simplest and cheapest form of the industry standard 50mm truss systems, I usually chose it for builds and structures where maximum clear spans and loading are less important than appearance or available space.

I beam Aluminum lighting truss

Triangular Truss

Probably the most commonly seen of all the truss types, Tri truss gives you the added stability of a triple pole construct, which gives you significant increases in weight loading, torsional rigidity, and in long length resistance to deflection.

Triangle Trusses for trade show boot

Square Truss

Square truss is the strongest and largest of the standard truss designs. The industry defaults to using Square truss, as a result of it’s clear run loading spans of up to 40 feet and how it lends itself in many different functions and tasks.

Build a wall in your trade show booth

Trade show trusses can create a perfect canvas to make your visions and designs come through with ease. After easily putting together your truss structure, outlining and building a wall is simple and there are many options.

I usually recommend to just hang the sectional piece off of the truss square. The truss square gives you a perfect platform in terms of booth shape and weight distribution. Which gives you the freedom to hang lighter or heavier materials.


Most trade show booths use drapery to create a divider and feel of a wall. Show drapes can be easily bought and purchased. The drapes come in different colours, and weights and heights. All drapes come with tie strings which make it very easy to tie it around the trade show trusses and create a wall.

LED Video wall

The truss square has a weight loading capacity that allows for LED video walls to be hung off it and used as wall dividers. In recent years the use of these LED video walls has become more common due to it’s availability and price drop. You can project images and videos on them on and add a wow effect to your booth

Other materials to build walls

Once you assemble your truss square then your imagination can run free. The trade show trusses have many clamps and accessories. You can hang vertical and horizontal beams off of it and attach all kinds of materials. Whether you want to build your wall from wood and sheets of metal and any other kind of material, you can do this knowing your trade show booth can handle it, make it happen with aluminum lighting truss.

GTR Industries

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