What video resolution to make for LED video wall?

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January 11, 2021

I’d like to share with you guys an email conversation with a pub owner. He wants to open the patio for the summer install an LED video wall and show sports and movies to his patrons. He called us to learn more on the options and the video resolution needed to make for the LED video wall.

Hey Ryan,

thanks for the quick phone call yesterday. Your project is really interesting for us, I really appreciate the opportunity to advise and maybe be further involved.

In short, LED video wall resolution on the technical level –

When it comes to LED video walls generally, Outdoor wall cabinets are spec’d for brightness and waterproofing. They are generally used with greater distances from the audience. To achieve the desired brightness the leds are larger and pixel pitch is lower. Due to the greater distance from the audience there is no interference with the picture quality. So for example an industry standard 5mm outdoor video wall has about 48 pixels per foot. In this case a 10’ x 6’ wall will be 480 x 288 px. . At a minimum viewing distance on 30’ it will look like one picture. Usually a size like this is more suitable for texts and banners and less to dynamic sports video due to lack of resolution . These systems are designed to be large to allow for the required resolution.

As a general side note when it comes to video anything that is over 720 pixels vertically is considered High Def, anything under is Standard Def.

Indoor LED Video walls are spec’d for closer distances from the audiences and higher quality picture. Being an emitting light technology, LED Video wall are still at lease 5 times brighter than any TV. To achieve that smaller LEDS are used. Indoor LED Video walls can reach up to 0.9mm pixel pixel. Indoor LED video wall cabinets are usually quite a bit water resistant from the front. So are commonly used in outdoor applications as well. Usually to use an indoor LED wall outside, the cabinets are protected in the back by a tarp or even better installed under a canopy.

At GTR we manufacture LED Video walls under our LumiOS brand. We strive to give the best value to our customers with support and amazing warranty. Our stock includes installed and rental LED video wall systems, for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

P.S Attached is a picture of an indoor wall in Aurora used for a similar application I thought is similar to your situation. The Pub owner got an open face container, installed the LED wall inside, had the Beer companies advertise on the container and the advertising money pays for the screen.

LumiOS LED Video wall installed in a patio .
Indoor LED Video Wall installed in a patio

** We offer 3-year warranty on all LumiOS® LED video wall systems **

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