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September 16, 2019


In today’s world, an LED video wall is some of the most desired display options for indoor and outdoor applications. We can find led video wall panels in sports and clothing store, clubs, venues, shopping malls, stadiums and more. Digital signage is everywhere and due to its advantages the demand is growing. In 2019, the led video wall market has grown by 200% from the prior year. This change is the result of the technological progress in LED technology and effectiveness of the falling prices in the LED video wall market.


What are LED Video Walls?

LED video walls are comprised of Direct View LED displays (also called DV) that work together as a unit to display content as if it were a single screen. LED video walls are incredibly efficient because each component is responsible for conducting and emitting its own light.

Direct view LED isn’t actually a new technology, it’s been used for decades in large outdoor signage such as malls, stadiums and casinos but all of this changed with the recent development of very small LEDs, which have allowed manufacturers to produce much higher-resolution LED displays.

An LED video wall consists of hundreds of tiny LEDs (light emitting diodes) mounted directly on a flat panel. Each LED emits coloured light when a particular voltage is applied to it. Clusters of red, green, and blue LEDs are creating the full colour pixels needed to produce an image. Since the LEDs themselves produce the pixels, the size of the LEDs and the distance between them – “pixel pitch” determines the resolution of the display. Displays with very small LEDs and a fine pixel pitch will produce higher resolutions than displays with bigger LEDs and a large pixel pitch.

LED video panels Installation LED video walls are built from a tiled array of LED video panels. Some LED displays come with a mounting system built in, while others require the use of a separate mount. The narrow profile of LED displays allows for virtually limitless mounting options, including freestanding, wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, curved, and more.

A few factors to consider before integration:

• Location – (indoor or outdoor)
• Maintenance – (Front or Back)
• Type of content display – (synchronous/real time or asynchronous/looping)
• Pixel pitch – (minimum distance from viewer)
• Ease of implementation – (available space)
Pixel & Mounting Led Video Wall – There are many reasons why business owners are choosing LED video walls but it is important to keep in mind the average viewing distance. In this case, the number of pixels will determine the resolution. The closer people are to the video wall, the lower pixel pitch needed.

The advantages of LED VIDEO WALL Digital Signage

• High brightness≥ 800 nits
• Designed for high illumination
• Can be displayed in a well-lit room or on a showroom floor
• Great for outdoor environments
• Energy efficient and long lasting
• Long life ≥ 50,000 hours
• Best refresh rates of any video solutions on the market
• Seamless: LED panels have no bezels (seams) and can be tiled together seamlessly
• Lower pixel density
• Unmatched uniformity
• Wide viewing angles
• Any size or shape, not just 16:9
• Achieves true black with epoxy coated LEDs
• Wide colour gamut ≥ 95% NTSC and accuracy
• Self-emitting light source

GTR Industries®

At GTR Industries we offer the correct solution through our valuable experience and a wide range of LED video wall display models with LumiOS® Video systems™.

There are many differences between various manufacturers and models of led video displays in the market. These differences are mostly pronounced through quality of the components on the led module itself, the high definition streaming technology and cabinet construction. LumiOS® LED Video wall tiles are certified and inspected for compliance with CSA electrical standards by QPS field evaluation 

Choosing the correct product for your application is crucial for the end result.
LumiOS® video systems™ offers a variety of led display solutions;
indoor/outdoor weather proofing, front or back maintenance, rental or installation.

At GTR Industries, We offer design and consulting for AV systems and Led Video wall installations for new commercial construction as well as retrofit projects. We are committed to choose the right led display solution for your needs based on application and budget.

** We offer 5-year warranty on all LumiOS® video systems™ products **


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